How to boost sales online using Instagram trends 2021?

We all know about the importance of the right content in social media. It will help you build a community of like-minded people, get loyal customers, increase sales online and set the right direction for your digital marketing.
Don’t know where to start? Here at NoFrames, a digital marketing agency, we dare to make predictions. For instance, the popularity of Instagram is booming. So what to look after if you want to set you digital marketing on the right path and boost sales online?

Instagram trends 2021

Free promotion, boost subscribers, likes
Targeting, advertising with bloggers
Glossy content, too much success, no authenticity
Raw but high-quality posts about people’s lives and social topics for businesses
World problems
Communication only
Participation of the company in solving global problems for the benefit of humanity
Opinion leaders
Native advertising done only with a help of well-known people
Advertising using micro-influencers (up to 1000 subscribers)
Inappropriate hashtags -> spam
Up to 30 hashtags, popular topics: fashion, design, healthy lifestyle, art, health, economic and social issues
Augmented reality
Create your own masks using AR mechanisms
Stickers, interactive, current offers placement, TikTok kind of videos, contests for the best video
Placing product announcements with price tags, buying goods with one click, crowding out online stores
Text content
Text up to 2,200 characters
Longreads, reviews, ratings. The account will be similar to a landing page or website.
Email agent
 The systematisation of messages, replacement of instant messengers and emails
Adaptation for PC
Improvements for viewing feed, reply to messages from PC

Digital marketing agency to help you

Those are Instagram trends 2021 that help you on the way of boosting your sales online. No sure that you are ready to do it yourself? Don’t have money for an expensive marketing agency? No need to worry. We are here to reimagine how businesses doing social media. We are not like traditional marketing company that believes in employing content creators rather we are the management and quality control hub that ensures end-to-end project execution and manage freelancers for you. Get the best of a marketing company and freelance market at the same time.

We provide enterprises with a new solution for digital marketing using outsourced marketing teams. We handle digital marketing activities such as full maintenance of social media channels, production of professional video and photo content, SEO and web development. See more of our services. Clients have just one point of contact – a dedicated project manager who supervises their account.

Want a consultation on how to boost sales online and how to use Instagram trends 2021 to make your social media channels exciting? Book a meeting with us or send a request and we call you back.


How to use Instagram trends 2021 to boost sales online?

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