Any advertising campaign should begin with choosing the target group and describing a customer persona. Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid. 
1️⃣ Choosing an insolvent target group
Correlate the cost of your product with the ability to purchase it by your chosen target audience.
2️⃣ Misidentification of needs, pains, dreams, values
Speak with potential customers to understand their true need and values they are looking for or your advertising slogans will worth nothing. What is very obvious is not always correct. What do customers really need? Test hypotheses by interviewing potential and current customers.
3️⃣ You don’t match with the chosen target group
Do your knowledge, skills, quality of products and services match the expectations of the target audience?
4️⃣ Too broad target group
If you sell everything to everyone, then prepare yourself for tough competition, huge advertising costs, and low margins. Define your uniqueness. Segment your target audience and make clear proposals.
5️⃣ Too narrow target group
Expand your audience so you don’t hit the ceiling when running your ad campaigns.
Review your target group before finalising a budget and marketing plan for the coming year, as well as when getting new information (research results, new trends).
If the plan didn’t succeed during six months while the product has been on the market for a long time, consumer preferences may have changed and you didn’t react on time.
Revise the target group every time before changing the design or product characteristics.
Don’t know how to prepare it all yourself? Ask us!

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