How to use social media marketing “to go viral”?

  As a business owner, you see your social media as a valid customer channel, and you are right. You probably asked yourself what should I do to “made it”? What is the right formula “to go viral”? I have to tell you a big secret which is not a secret for digital marketing agencies and social media experts. Ready? There is no “quick-fix” and anyone that tells you otherwise is just trying to make you believe in fairy dust. At NoFrames, we always tell our client our formula to success in building customer channels online: Persistency and Insights.

Boost sales overnight

Let’s clear one thing up. Overnight success happens after years of hard work. To suddenly succeed you usually have to work on it for a long time. Being consistent and persistent. You need to believe in what you are doing and why long before anyone ever noticed you.   Social media and digital marketing are the confirmation of this rule. Hard work, persistency and knowledge are mandatory for any successful marketing story.  Behind each phenomenal marketing story usually months if not years of efforts and hard work.   

The “Secret Formula” 

Digital marketing guides, workshops and courses will not replace 3-5 hours of work put every day to develop social media post, write an article and maintain a conversation with your customers. Just do it. Anyone that starts telling you that “they can teach you the simple formula to generate thousands of leads online”, is here just to make quick money.  You can’t get married overnight. First, you go to the Tinder (aka use right tools), then you write an intriguing yet humble bio and add cute pictures (aka create content) when you swiping right and left (aka posting content again and again), then texting (aka engaging with potential leads), then go on a date and you know what happens next…  

The “Right Formula” 

What are your chances of going viral? To connect with your target audience if important to build an emotional connection through blog posts or through social media platforms. What kinds of contact? Millions of people are out there, all are different. Why one brands social media work, and another doesn’t? It is just a matter of knowing your audience, understanding social media trends, create quality content and being persistent. This is that easy.  Which content will be relevant to your audience? Don’t panic if you don’t know. You have your incredible product (or service) which you developed; you know your customers their pain points. Start from where. But if you still have no clue what to post, then I tell you a secret – it is ok. You are not a digital marketing expert, not a content marketer. You are an entrepreneur, inventor. It doesn’t mean you should be an expert in how and what posting online to boost your sales.  Trust professionals to do what they know best. At NoFrames, we offer social media marketing services to high growth potential start-ups and SME’s. Our aim is to disrupt the traditional “agency-focused” market and provide our clients with the same high standards but at an affordable cost. Book a consultation with us today and get insight regarding your digital marketing strategy for free. 

What can you do? 

Social media and digital marketing is not a sprint it is a marathon. You need to understand your target market, build followers, understand your audience and what they want.  Don’t expect to see results in 1 or 2 months. We always recommend our clients to plan 3-6-12 months campaigns. Building customer channels online requires time and persistence. Is your goal to “go viral” for 48 hours? What’s it going to change for you or your business? Or you want to have a stable, consistent customer flow? Post 3-5 times per week, produce professional content, learn about your audience. Get testimonials, share success stories, engage with your audience. Do it persistently for 6 months. Once you have your social media marketing strategy in place, then it’s all about patience and persistence!  Are you ready to put in the work to get the results? 

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