B2i Marketing: B2B, with a Difference

B2i marketing is about cultivating empathy and forging a deep understanding of your client’s businessso that you know what they need. 

What is B2i Marketing? 

The traditional approach to B2B marketing would have you believe there’s no room for personal connection when driving sales and meeting your businesses KPI’s. But there’s more to it than that!  
A company’s buying power realistically rests in one place, and that’s with the decision makers that work there. Therefore, the B2i marketing revolution is about cultivating empathy and bringing powerful B2C strategies into the B2B space.  

Why does it matter? 

The marketing industry is an ever-changing one. Digital Marketing revolutionised the way we sell and the way we buy, whether it’s B2C or B2B. Reaching your target audience is no longer about buying ad time on the right channel, in the right magazine, or getting your foot in the right door.  

Machine learning and AI are revolutionising the ways in which we collect and understand information about our consumers. Your potential buyers have their own unique concerns and priorities. By tuning into this aspect of your customer journey you can move away from purely transactional client experiences, towards building relationships based on human understanding. 

As B2B marketers we need to capitalise on our online presence. In other words, we need to understand how it can be used to further our brand storytelling and build a sales funnel for potential and returning customersValue needs to be created for your customers in order for them to feel understood and ultimately return to your services. 

How do we do it?  

You have the opportunity to find and engage your customers through the mediums and social channels to solve the problems that really matter to them and most importantlyto listen! Just because we operate in the B2B space doesn’t mean we have to feel impersonal and unapproachable. In fact, a strategy of this kind will most likely hinder your business rather than help it.  
There are certain questions we can ask ourselves that will help us can optimise our customer journey.  
Don’t just consider what key words potential clients might be searching to find your business. Importantly, discover the information sources that your customer personas trust and identify potential affiliates. What are the unique problems they’re trying to solve that make your business the perfect solution?  
B2i approach to your marketing involves a customer centric communication strategy. Offering email reminders and newsletters creates more connection points for your business and provides valuable information for your clients.  
To sum up, it’s imperative that B2B marketing doesn’t feel impersonal or cold. Businesses are still run by peopleit’s important not to forget that. 


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