The future is well and truly here. Getting your brand known and recognised by the clients you want is no longer about buying the right Ad time on the right channel, or getting your foot in the right door.

The future is well and truly here. Getting your brand known and recognised by the clients you want is no longer about buying the right Ad time on the right channel, or getting your foot in the right door.

What is B2B Content Marketing?

So, what is Content Marketing? And how does it differ between B2C and B2B? Content Marketing is a form of marketing strategy best defined as creating, delivering and sharing targeted content surrounding a target market/key demographic. 

It’s about using carefully created content to expand your business’s potential audience. A lot of this content will be published on social media channels, as it’s best to take advantage of the free advertising and engagement they can offer. For B2B content marketing, the content has to be useful for other businesses—that’s the tricky part.

B2C Content Marketing: What’s the Difference?

In order for content marketing to be effective, you need to be producing content that your target market will consider to be of value. It’s about rewarding interest and engagement on your social media channels with useful and valuable content, which will keep your audience tuned in and coming back for more. It’s about more than educating the potential buyer on your products and services, it’s helping them understand why your service is the solution to their problem. 

B2C Content Marketing and general marketing strategies tend to offer a little more creative freedom. With B2C campaigns, the purpose is to entertain. Have a look at your favourite B2C companies branded and viral content—you’ll see if it falls into the same vein. 

B2B content marketing is more concerned with metrics and the need to push leads and sales. Selling to businesses is a completely different artform than selling directly to customers. Using your content to set up a sales flywheel that essentially leads your client to purchase is a powerful way in which content marketing can make a measurable impact for your business.

What Kind of Content Should I Choose?

The content you produce for your business will vary, depending on a few factors. 

As is always the case in marketing, first and foremost is your target client. If your content isn’t directly tailored to your ideal client, then it’s time to realign the strategy. Secondly, whichever stage in the content cycle will have an impact on your content medium too. 

For example, when attracting your customers it would be appropriate to publish whitepapers and industry reports. In the attraction phase of the buyer’s journey, this is the kind of content that draws people to your website or social channels using targeted keywords. On the other hand, during the conversion stage of the journey, customer testimonials have more impact and can drive a potential client to purchase. Understanding the core problems your customer faces is critical, as this will help you convey your impact on their ROIs. 

So, what sort of content could you use to inform and entertain your audience? For the B2B marketer, there’s a little less leeway. Big ticket items such as viral posts, videos and product demo’s aren’t applicable to the B2B sector. 80% of business decision makers prefer to get information from an article rather than an ad—so ensure your content is informative, reliable and represents your businesses values.

Using B2B Social Media Marketing

According to this article, 75% to 80% of decision making executives will look at a company’s social media before making a purchase. The chance for you to establish your brand and generate sales is yours to take and is free to get started! Take advantage of the free advertising at your disposal and use your social media channels to boost your content marketing efforts and blog posts.

It can feel overwhelming to run a social media content marketing strategy, while simultaneously focusing on running a business. At NoFrames, we pride ourselves in no-fuss, metric driven B2B marketing. We design flexible social media marketing strategies and constantly monitor and learn from our results—so you don’t have to.

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