We’ve quizzed our team on the hobbies that get them through the week… and the crossover skills that get them through the working day.

After a busy work week, everyone needs to relax and destress. Whether it’s a book, a bath, or two cubic tonnes of wine.

For the well-adjusted among you, these don’t technically count as hobbies… Although in all seriousness, working on ‘passion projects’ and taking time for skills unrelated to work isn’t just good for your mental health—it’s good for your soul.

Your life is more than the work you do and the right job should leave you ample time to live it. It’s only by valuing the time we spend away from work, that we learn how to do a better job. You may not have thought that these everyday pastimes are sets of transferable skills, but they are!

We spoke to every member of the team and managed to eke some insight out of these  creative types. Let’s find out what they had to say!


You’re not nervous, are you?

There seems to be something a few of us have in common. When it comes to the performing arts, this lot are old pros. Our Sales Rep, Patrick McCulloch, is someone you may well have seen before. He’s had roles in both Outlander and The Nest.

Patrick spoke of the necessary ability to calm his nerves. He describes going into every audition with the resolution that he will not get the part. Although this doesn’t quite get rid of all the nerves, it lessens the blow (in case he doesn’t) and keeps them at a manageable level. In the world of digital marketing, going in with little to no expectations means having real conversations and putting less pressure on meetings with potential clients.

Sophie also spoke of nerves when discussing her musicianship, as she’s played the Saxophone in various jazz bands and orchestras. While studying abroad, she acted in and co-directed a multi-media play. This represented a real turning point. Sophie, much like Patrick, agreed that while controlling your nerves was a good thing, being unable to harness that nervous energy leaves your work stale and boring.

Feeling comfortable at all times is a sign that you aren’t progressing. Of course, we all take time to decompress, but, “If you feel safe in the area you’re working in, you’re not working in the right area” as David Bowie said.

Know your limit and try to surpass it.


Teamwork, gaming and creativity.

Next time you’re playing five-a-side footie with your pals or sitting down at a games console for some multiplayer mayhem, you can tell people you’re just brushing up on your digital marketing.

Jonathan, our Customer Relations Manager, spoke of the sheer joy and satisfaction he quite rightly gains from these activities. To him, it’s the teamwork and strategising that follow over into his job. He has to coordinate people, discuss plans, and be a natural team player.

Jack, our Content Creator, has plenty of experience with crossover collaborative skills. He’s done his time on film and TV sets, and found there is a great overlap of communication and organisational skills. He learned this from working in various teams and in different departments.

On the creative side of things, he’s found that the more experience he has over a wide variety of disciplines (like film, TV or digital media) the more he can focus on creating purely to entertain, educate and inspire. He considers it a feedback loop of creative ideas and solutions.

Both Jack and Jonathan are self described film buffs, and while we all enjoy a good movie from time to time, it’s best never to get Jonathan started on ‘French New Wave’ (because he might never stop).


Work imitates art.

Both co-founders of NoFrames, Irina and Ana, enjoy painting and drawing. As does Sophie, who likes to ‘lino print’. Irina believes this has helped her think creatively and keeps her providing high quality visual content for clients. In the beginning, Irina was creating all of the content herself—so it’s no surprise that she has an artistic streak.

In her free time, Ana writes poems in Russian, and is a great talent in writing copy. This skill has proved worth its weight in gold when writing applications for grants and creating presentations. She owes this skill to consistently writing in her spare time.


What are you waiting for?

Almost any hobby or outside interest can make you more productive, introduce you to new skills or boost your CV.

That being said, the most important thing about hobbies—is that you enjoy them. Regardless of their worth to your career, if there’s something you love to do, you might as well do it. Life is too short for the opposite.

It seems like the team at NoFrames has proved that with creative hobbies and interests, you can build a skill set that applies to your work and career. In our case this is of great advantage to our work in digital marketing. But, remember—

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.


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