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Case study: Katerina Hayes Career Coaching

The brief

Building a personal brand using social media tools can be as challenging as a company’s brand.

Whether you are a business trainer or a fitness guru, you have the great opportunity to present your skills and share your journey on social media.

Katerina is a starting career coach. Digital marketing goals were:

  1.  Create social media accounts from scratch.
  2. Build a base of followers.
  3. Fill social media accounts with professional content and photo-video.



Social Media Manager

Graphic Designer




Social Media Management

Customer Engagement

Client overview

Katerina is a rising start in career coaching industry. She is focusing on providing trainings to executives to help them discover new career horizons.

Creative process

Katerina invited NoFrames to be part of the team in the very beginning. Working together, we brainstormed the brand voice and brand image.

The marketing team included a photographer, a videographer, a social media manager and a graphic designer. With the main focus on LinkedIn and Instagram, we decided to go with welcoming, informative and engaging content.

An important aspect of personal branding required an additional analysis of already existing social media channels. As a result, we advised making existing pages private.

Personal brand through professional content

To build an image of an industry expert we put a lot of efforts into creating insightful articles for the audience. Vital parts of successful organic growth are a consistent posting schedule and usefulness of content.

Professional photo and video

Personal branding is all about a person. Quality is mandatory when it comes to photo and video. We scheduled photoshoots every month.  See our services to learn more.

Engagement as a strategy

Marketing strategy was built around an idea of the conversation with a client. Consistency, and continuality of social media posts allowed us to build a loyal audience.

Katerina Hayes

Director, Katerina Hayes Coaching International

As a next step in my business development, I am looking to use social media for sales, lead generation, and brand development. NoFrames is always providing me with advice, ideas, and solutions. The partnership helps me continuously achieve more with my strategy and the service.

The numbers

The benefit of working on the client’s project from scratch is that NoFrames can implement all the best practices acquired for the past last years.

Personal branding requires not only a considered approach to the audience but also careful protection of the client’s personal voice. In the case with Katerina, we are not only showed great results but have had an amazing time working together on her personal brand. Here are some of the results we have achieved:

  • LinkedIn profile visits +520%
  • Instagram page views +600%
  • Website button clicks +170%
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