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Case study: SLINKOVA Consulting

The brief

SLINKOVA Consulting knew they needed to develop their online presence from scratch, and this formed the basis of our brief. To complement the creation of the website, we consulted with Ekaterina Slinkova to develop branding she felt best represented her business. Working with Ekaterina, we also determined which social media channels to prioritise that would have them see a higher return on investment.


  • Create awareness of SLINKOVA Consulting among potential B2C & B2B clients via LinkedIn and Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 
  • Create an engaging and eye-catching website where businesses could quickly and easily request consultations. 
  • Consult on personal brand development and maintenance.


Web Developer

Web Designer

Social Media Manager


Web Development

Personal Brand Development

SMM Strategy

Client overview

SLINKOVA Consulting, based in France, represents rising talent in the business consultancy industry. They provide the route to both expansion and sales for their SME clients; specialising in consumer targeting, commercial strategy, sales and international markets.

Creative process

So, with these goals set—how did we reach them?


We used WordPress to design a website that would act as a landing page for potential clients. To increase contactability, a lead generation and contact form were implemented through Calendly—allowing clients to easily get in contact and book a meeting through the website.


Personal Brand  

After discussing the SLINKOVA Consulting brand values and identity, we designed a consistent brand identity across all social media channels. With SLINKOVA Consulting, we determined brand colors, fonts, logos and SEO keywords related to their business. Overall, these aspects come together to represent the brand and convey the businesses core message. 

Social Media  

We chose to create Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts on behalf of SLINKOVA Consulting. We provided a content strategy with reference to Hubspot material and the publishing tool Hootsuite was used to keep the process refined and quick.

Ekaterina Slinkova

Founder at SLINKOVA Consulting

NoFrames have provided us with expert brand consultation, giving us crucial support as we create and grow our brand from scratch. They’ve helped us to define a social media strategy based on our business goals and values, as well as guiding us through the design and development stages of building our website.

The NoFrames team has also been instrumental in our content creation and social media management. So, from SLINKOVA Consulting, we extend our warmest thanks!

The numbers

Working with Slinkova Consulting has been incredibly rewarding. With every week we gain a greater understanding of their business goals and identify ways we can push their business forward and ultimately drive sales. We’re very proud of our work together so far and we’re excited for the future!

  • Website development 100%
  • Social Media Strategy creation 100%
  • Personal brand development 100%
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