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Case study: Spark Survey

The brief

Spark Survey had two active social media channels set up, Linkedin and Twitter. They wanted to expand their presence on social media; highlight the relationship between company growth and employee engagement, and ultimately increase the usage of their product.

Our job was to make it happen.


  • Create awareness of Spark Survey among potential B2B clients.
  • Increase the number of leads to Spark People product.
  • Draw attention to the relationship between employee engagement and company growth.


Social Media Manager

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Social Media Management

Content Creation

Client overview

With Spark Survey, organisations can set benchmarks and measure their employee engagement rates. A sample can be taken of up to one hundred employee opinions at a time—giving the business owner instant insight into their employees satisfaction.

Creative process

Before we got started Spark Survey had two social channels, Linkedin and Twitter.

Both had been reporting low levels of reach and engagement. In order to turn this around, we tested different content across the platforms, and then created a content marketing strategy that would help Spark Survey reach their goals.

NoFrames proposed a new strategy, with the intent to:

  1. Create video content offering a ‘how to’ for the product. This will foster brand awareness and provide educational product content for potential B2B clients.

2. Create engaging visual content using industry statistics and advice from experts. This is to again engage potential B2B clients, and to draw attention to the connection between employee engagement and business growth.

3. Create and deliver promotional content, including whitepapers, infographics and bottom of the funnel offers. This alongside partner collaboration aimed to increase leads to website and conversions.

Joe Henry

Founding Director at Ember Technology Ltd.

I am super impressed with NoFrames. They do a fantastic job of communicating our business and products in social media which is something we struggle to do ourselves as a technical company. Where we get bogged down in complexity, they see an opportunity to tell our story and make us relatable – and they do this with a smile and minimum fuss. If you’re struggling a bit with your social media – give NoFrames a call – you’ll be glad you did.

The numbers

We delivered 5 posts per week, per account. We targeted organisations of up to 50 and 500 staff, with a focus on HR managers, Directors and Employee Engagement officers.

  • Traffic to the website & Potential leads +101%
  • Engagement +60%
  • Brand Awareness +203%
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