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Case study: spirella

The brief

Digital marketing foe spirella s.a. After a big post-merger reorganisation and rebranding, spirilla goals were to:

  1. Earn B2C customers.
  2. Increase brand awareness for private customers (spirilla s.a. is a worldwide reference in Home & Kitchen accessories market in B2B but unknown in B2C).
  3. Reinforce “strong” and “attractive” image for B2B customers.
  4. Attract new talents.


Social Media Manager

Graphic Designer


Social Media Management


Client overview

Spirella has been offering creative ideas for the whole bathroom for over 50 years. Every year, spirella releases an exclusive collection for bathroom interiors, both in the domestic and international markets.

Creative process

Initially, the company had 3 social media channels: Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Channels have not been managed in a consistent manner and did not have a target audience.

Our team decided to test the audience response to different posts and topics. For two weeks we have been testing our assumptions by managing 4 social media channels and creating content with our team of two people.

Additional account

Improve social media presence by creating a Pinterest account.

Product branding

Focus a newly established Pinterest account on the product and allow loyal customers to create moodboards and explore key Home & Kitchen accessories trends.

B2C focus on SMM trends

Re-focus Facebook and Instagram account on B2C clients by creating content with the use of social media trends (promo videos, motion graphics, etc).

See social media trends in 2020.

B2B focus on company’s values

Focus LinkedIn on professional content with company news and company culture.

Valentin Sobraques

General Manager at spirella s.a.

We are a very consumer-focused company, and social media is an amazing way to make friends with our customers and have conversations. From a marketing perspective, the entire company does better when we are active on social and NoFrames is a big part of that process. Our partnership helped us continuously achieve more with our strategy and products.

The numbers

The strategy had great success. NoFrames have helped spirella grow their Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn following to what it is today with targeted posts and advertising based on demographics and search trends.

Newly created Pinterest account allowed to establish new customer channels and increase referral traffic coming from social media. Here are some of the results we have achieved:

  • Facebook page views +106%
  • Instagram Engagement rate +30%
  • LinkedIn reactions +212%
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