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Case study: Unbaggaged

The brief

Unbaggaged is a newly emerged start-up in the travel industry which had to stop operations during the lockdown. As lockdown measures are being lifted, the start-up is getting back on track with a request to increase brand awareness and improve brand identity within the target audience, 25- 55 young millennials who travel in groups.


    Social Media Manager

    Graphic Designer



    Social Media Management



    Client overview

    Unbaggaged offers storage along with transportation of luggage and passengers so that travellers can travel handsfree and do not have to return to the storage point.


    Creative process

    Initially, the company had no social media accounts. As a first step, NoFrames helped to create three social accounts: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn.

    To make channels insightful for target audience, the content was designed to educate travellers on current travel realities and opportunities.

    Educational content

    Building loyal following by providing value to the audience. Creating helpful educational content.

    Building trust

    Sharing customer reviews and testimonials to build an image of a travel industry expert.

    Customer engagement

    Using social media trends to engage with the target audience (promo videos, motion graphics, etc).

    See social media trends in 2020.

    Janani Prabhakaran

    Founder at Unbaggaged Ltd.

    It’s been a pleasure to work with NoFrames to build our social media presence and the whole process has been very effortless and hassles free. The team has captured our personality and integrity and position us exactly how we asked them to. NoFrames is led by two talented leaders, Irina and Ana can derive the best output out of their team. On a day to day basis, our time is opened up to concentrate on our business and the best part is this is accomplished at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house social media manager. Their cost-effective methods and suggestions are so fruitful that it works within any start-ups’ marketing budget!

    The numbers

    After the initial two weeks of testing, due to lockdown, it has been decided to stop the company’s operations for two months. We will be starting the new marketing campaign in July 2020. Here are the results of two weeks campaign:

    • Facebook page engagement +484%
    • Instagram Gained followers +113
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