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spirella - Expanding to B2C

Spirella has been offering creative ideas for the whole bathroom for over 50 years.

After a big post-merger reorganisation and rebranding, spirilla s.a. g was looking into the opportunity to reinforce  “strong” and “attractive” image for B2B customers and build new customer channels with B2C.

We were just on time.


SwarmOnline - After a year without marketing

SwarmOnline is a mobile and web technology business. The company wasn’t doing any marketing activities online fo year because of reorganisation and liquidation of the marketing department.

Check what we have done to take them back on track.


First2Train - Establishing new customer channeles

Customer response during initial testing showed curious results and helped to recognise Facebook and Instagram as unexpected channels for the lead generations.

We heard what potential clients say and re-focus those channels content for a B2C audience.


Unbaggaged - Resilience during Covid-19

Lockdown gave us a bit of a hard time. However, we used this time to analyse the social trends and create content which will help Unbaggaged to get back on track after 2 months off.



The FLUX Blowpipe - Building customer channels online from scratch

How to achieve £2K in revenue just in two weeks with the right marketing strategy? In this case study, we shared our experience and tips on how to boost your sales online.


Fuse Mobility - Social media synergy to increase traffic and visibility

Digital representation for a company in the MaaS industry. Connecting all 4 channels (website, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) through shared content allowed to improve visibility of the content and increase referral traffic coming from social media. 



Katerina Hayes Career Coaching - Building a personal brand from scratch

Katerina is a rising start in career coaching industry. Katerina invited NoFrames to be part of the team in the very beginning. Working together, we brainstormed the brand voice and brand image.

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