Smart digital marketing for high growth potential start-ups

Smart digital marketing for high growth potential start-ups


We are Ana and Irina, co-founders of NoFrames, we provide smart digital marketing for high growth potential start-ups with no efforts and greater access. We organise freelancers into outsourced marketing teams.

Imagine you if could grow your business by 20% while doing absolutely nothing?

NoFrames offer social media marketing services to high growth potential start-ups. Our aim is to disrupt the traditional “agency-focused” market and provide our clients with the same high standards but at an affordable cost.

Case study

But first, we want to talk about Robbie MacIsaac who is passionate about bagpipes. Did you know that moisture in bagpipes causes lung disease? Thankfully, Robbie MacIsaac has found a solution to this problem and decided to start a business. However, he has a huge problem, to sell his product he needs skills to produce product pictures, promo videos, build customers channels online and all the time in the world to do it. But don’t worry. We got this!

We help high-growth potential start-ups and micro-companies who desperately need to get the product out there but don’t have time and capabilities to do it. There are 5.6 million micro-companies in the UK, it is 94% of all businesses.

You might think why business owners just don’t freelance platforms? Well, you need to stir through dozens of applications, manage several people at once and all that also requires quality and management control.

Another option – marketing agencies – start-ups and small businesses just can’t afford them.

We solve all these problems. We are a management and quality control hub. We develop a marketing strategy, build a team of freelancers including photographer, videographer, graphic designer and social media manager, web-designer and web developer, accumulate content from them, ensure excellent quality and manage all your social media accounts.

You or Robbie in our case gets all the perks: sales boost, brand awareness and all the time saved to work on your business. Our mission is to be a part of our client’s success.

Robbie’s numbers are through the roof. With our posts, we reached 40.000 people that resulted in 2000 revenue just in two weeks. See Robbie’s case.

Innovative marketing vs. old school marketing

We are here to reimagine how businesses doing social media. We are not like traditional marketing company that believes in employing content creators rather we are the management and quality control hub that ensures end-to-end project execution and manage freelancers for you. Get the best of a marketing company and freelance market at the same time.

We provide enterprises with a new solution for digital marketing using outsourced marketing teams. We handle digital marketing activities such as full maintenance of social media channels, production of professional video and photo content, SEO and web development. See more of our services. Clients have just one point of contact – a dedicated project manager who supervises their account.

No investments into expensive professional photo-video equipment, no salaries. Minimize costs and increase speed to market. With our flexible subscription fee, we are sure we will provide the best-suited option for your business.

So, do you know a business which would like to grow by 20 % while doing absolutely nothing? If you are a business owner, reach out to us today and through quality digital marketing we will make it happen! Book a meeting with us or send a request and we call you back.


Imagine you if could grow your business by 20% while doing absolutely nothing?

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